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When it comes to private security services, Central Ohio Private Security LLC is second to none. We analyze all risks before planning a detailed custom security solution. Our security services are operated in a reliable, affordable, and precise manner.

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Trusted Private Security Services

For years, our professionally trained and experienced security team has been delivering superior protection. Our commitment to highly personalized care has made us one of the most sought-after private security companies in the area.

Whether you are looking to hire a bodyguard, security assistance for a private event, or protection for your home or business property, our talented team of professionals is dedicated to improving your active security.

Personalized Care From Our Private Security Team

At Central Ohio Private Security LLC, we approach security a bit differently. While our team is trained to protect under any circumstances, we want to deliver highly customized care. We know that every client has unique requirements and expectations when it comes to their personal protection or that of their property, and that's why we always begin our service by providing consultation.


During the initial meeting, we will get an understanding of the nature of the job at hand. We will discuss with you the level of protection required and what specific services and personnel would best meet your needs. If you have special requests, please don't hesitate to inquire, we strive to not only meet but exceed the expectations of our clients.

We will also consider your budget and schedule. Delivering private security services that are both convenient and effective is our priority.

Our Comprehensive Private Security Services

Private security service is an umbrella term. It typically refers to all security that is hired by private individuals and is separate from public policing. Our job is to work closely with our clients to deliver the protection they require, depending on the location and circumstances.

Some of our most utilized private security services include:


One or a team of professional security agents will work to guard the well-being of a specific person or group of people while in public settings. Our bodyguard service is often used by individuals who experience fame and public recognition.

Events Security

Our security team is proud to have worked various private events over the years, safeguarding the property and maintaining decorum in relation to the employer's wishes. We provide courteous protection, crowd control, access control, and more for large or small, indoor or outdoor events.

Property Guards

Many of our agents are stationed in businesses and organizations throughout the area. We work to protect valuables and screen visitors as they enter and exit your property, protecting your perimeters from theft and vandalism.

We also offer private property security for residences.

Central Ohio Private Security LLC experts take pride in protecting you and your property at all costs.